Washington Ambulance Association

Washington Ambulance Association
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Washington Ambulance Association

The Washington Ambulance Association was founded in 1956 as a professional advocacy group for medical transportation providers in the State of Washington.

We provide a forum for non-fire based ground and air ambulance services to discuss issues, share information and work cooperatively to improve the delivery of prehospital care, transportation, and other services to our patients, the public, and our stakeholders.

Washington Ambulance AssociationPurposes:

  • To promote high quality ambulance and other prehospital services at a reasonable cost to the public

  • To encourage cooperation among individuals, organizations, and authorities engaged in the provision of medical transportation or in related activites

  • To encourage improvement and standardization for personnel, equipment, and rules required in the provision of medical transportation

  • To support the highest standards of ethics and conduct among the providers of medical transportation and other services

  • To advocate and educate for the interest of EMS and the ambulance industry at federal, state and local levels

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